Apprentice Program

We understand how fortunate we are to have a highly trained group of professionals operating our business. We also realize that as our business continues to grow and employees move toward retirement we need a reliable source of talent to fill those positions.

Given the highly technical nature of what we do at Modern Mold & Tool there is not a large pool of candidates to choose from. Instead of waiting for candidates to reply to job listing we decided to create our own “Farm System” by developing an Apprentice Program.

We work with local Technical Institutes and Vocational Schools to help shape curriculum tailored for our industry. We also have our own internal program that provides “hands-on” training and rotational assignments to help build a well-rounded employee. By reaching out into the community we’re able to direct young people toward developing a career and establishing themselves in their communities. By working with young individuals were able give back to the community and help sustain our trade.