Streamline Plastics Co. Inc., Bronx NY Merges Its Operations With The Toner Plastics Group

(June 29, 2017) – Streamline Plastics Co. Inc., Bronx New York, has merged its operations with The Toner Plastics Group of East Longmeadow MA. The Toner Plastics Group is focused on injection molding, tooling, extrusion and compounding with operations in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Florida. It was started by Steve Graham and his wife Jean in 1989.

Founded in 1946, Streamline Plastics is a leading injection molder and extruder on the East Coast supplying the display industry, the toy industry, writing instruments and a variety of custom applications. Joe and Stew Bartner, 3rd generation owners of Stream Line commented, “we looked for and have found a great partner in Steve Graham and his companies as they can accommodate both our molding and extrusion operations.” The molding operations will be merged into Modern Mold and Tool in Pittsfield MA and the extrusion operations will be merged into Toner Plastics in East Longmeadow MA.

Joe and Stew Bartner will continue to be actively involved in key areas of the merged operations. “We are always looking for good opportunities”, said Steven Graham. “This opportunity allows both companies to expand their operations, increase their offerings and get involved in new market segments. Joe and Stew have built a company known for great service, high quality products and competitive pricing. They will strengthen our organization in many ways and I am very excited about working together.”

The Toner Plastics Group is a diversified plastics manufacturer supplying custom solutions to a wide variety of industries. For additional information please contact: Jack Warren at 413-525-2369;